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English subtitles Swallows and Amazons download

The movie Swallows and Amazons, directed by Philippa Lowthorpe is always treasured for its innocent charm, and maybe Golding’s Lord of the Flies made this kind of story unfashionable even before our modern preoccupation with the danger that unaccompanied children can be in. The film is based on Ransome’s book, but the script incorporates many changes in the plot. It chronicles the story of Walker children on their holidays in the Lake District. They want to camp on an island in the lake. When they get there in the boat “Swallow”, they soon discover they’re not alone. Two other children, the Blacketts also known as the “Amazons”, have set up camp there, and a battle for the island begins. But with Britain on the brink of war and a “secret agent” looking for the Blackett children’s uncle, they have a series of adventures quite different from their plans. The children take a reasonably bold and assertive role in the adventure. Perhaps what there is to like about the movie is that it is the simple, almost action-free shots of people sailing their little craft across the rippling lakes.

Director: Philippa Lowthorpe

Story by: Arthur Ransome

Screenplay: Andrea Gibb

Produced by: Nick Barton

                         Nick O’Hagan
Joe Oppenheimer



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