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English subtitles  Man Underground download

Man Underground, directed by Michael Borowiec and Sam Marine is a Drama, Science Fictional and Fantasy movie. In a small town in upstate NY, Willem Koda, a retired geologist, and alien conspiracy theorist, struggles to find an audience for his controversial beliefs. After becoming friends with Flossie, a local waitress and aspiring actress, and Todd, an amateur filmmaker living off his Uncle’s inheritance, Willem decides to make a low-budget movie about his life. He thought of re-enacting scenes from his unsuccessful marriage and his violent encounters with aliens while working for the United States Government. Flossie and Todd has various conversations about fixing their own issue assured that their movie will have a dramatic climax. As the production proceeds, Todd and Flossie watch Willem confronting his past and growing more paranoid about his future. This will be a strong, well-acted debut that treats its lead with respect and sensitivity.

Directors: Michael Borowiec

                  Sam Marine

Genre: Fantasy, Drama and Science Fictional

Producers: Michael Borowiec

                   Sam Marine

                   Mohit Jaswal

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