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English subtitles Killing Grounds Download

Releasing date (U.S) :

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 (limited release)


A weekend camping trip to the beach turns into a battle for survival in this from Australian writer/director Damien Power. Ian (Ian Meadow) and Samantha (Harriet Dyer) head off for a camping trip in the hopes that the time together away from the city will allow them time to heal their relationship. Then Ian and Sam stumble across an abandoned child and discover a murder scene. They become hunted by a pair of psychopathic hunters (Aaron Pedersen) and Aaron Glenane. This is the debut feature film for Power, a short film maker whose Peekaboo screened at the St Kilda Film Festival a couple of years ago. The initial inspiration for the film came from a vision Power had of an orange tent in the middle of nowhere, but it has taken him a decade to flesh out the concept and bring it to the screen. Power cites films like Straw Dogs and Michael Haneke’s Funny Games as influences on the film, although this is not quite as compelling nor as unsettling with its depiction of violence. The film has been nicely shot on location at Macquarie Fields, outside of Sydney, by Simon Chapman (The Devil’s Candy, etc). Power brings some tension to the frantic chase through the bush land. Power uses a nonlinear narrative style that moves back and forth, slowly revealing the fate of the first family, which adds a frisson of tension to the material. Cast against type Pedersen is quite menacing here, while Glenane (Deadline Gallipoli, etc) is quite scary as Chook, the small town psychopath.

English subtitles Killing Grounds Download


Couple Sam (Harriet Dyer) and Ian (Ian Meadows) both set out on a camping trip. While slightly lost and not knowing exactly where to go to make camp they come across a guy by the name of German (Aaron Pederson) who points them in the right direction. They then find the perfect place to camp right next to a huge, orange, empty tent which appears to be empty. As time goes by the family never return to the tent. Sam and Ian realize something is not quite right.

Let me start off by saying that this is probably one of the best Australian films ever to be made. Director and Writer Damien Power clearly had a huge vision of what he wanted and he goes in strong. He gives us a film that is never boring, has excellent character development, has us on the edge of our seat, and has created a new meaning for going camping in the Bush. What Damien Power also does is keep thing realistic. He never tries to make anything look over the top or like a fantasy like most Thrillers or Horrors. It was a great job by Power to direct this film and he brought something not for the faint of heart, but something that can make us think twice about going camping.

The acting is top notch. Harriet Dyer (who plays Sam) was perfect for her role. Again…realistic, down to earth, very Australian and not afraid to fight back. The two psychopaths German (Played by Aaron Pederson) and Chook (Aaron Glenade)are just downright scary. What makes them scary aren’t the fact that they’re psychopathic, horrible people…it’s the fact they they are just like people who live next door to you, someone you meet down at your local bar, someone you could be friends with. Both Pederson and Glenade are so realistic in their roles that it isn’t even funny…it’s terrifying! Chook (Aaron Glenade) steals almost the entire film. A man who has been lead on the path of being a psychopathic killer and it becomes nothing but a normal, daily, funny routine. Chook is possibly one of the scariest psychopaths to ever appear in Australian cinema…or possibly ever! While people may complain about how unoriginal the movie is or how there are a lot of unanswered questions Damien Power avoids the big cliché by twisting it around and creating something new. There is loads of Australian humour in it which only Australians will understand. One of the best Australian films to ever be made. This movie has made me realize that camping just isn’t worth the risk! 5/5 – Jay

Killing Ground has merged on out on screen in a exclusive screening we got to attend, I had very low expectations for this film and surprisingly after it had ended, I was in shock, awe and amazed with this independent film that manages to be not only scary but very well thought out with its themes and characters.

English subtitles Killing Grounds Download

Story goes that a couple are heading out to camp in the wild bush land of Australia, having arrived at their destination they encounter another tent that was there prior to their arrival but find no one is present. What unfolds is not a mystery, but a shocking act that will make the couple try to survive and make it out alive. There’s so much to grasp from its plot, but incredibly the concept of fear and what happens around ourselves and others is greatly told.

The direction and writing from newcomer director Damien Power is a birth of a new talent to have surfaced in Australia, boldly portraying the scary factors of not only being outside in the bush but the people we know very little of. From its tension driven villains to the helpless victims, it’s not a bloody splatter fest but rather than a straight forward story that reveals more and more of its lead up to the climax and the factors that contributed to it.

Overall, Killing Ground is a solid ride of thrills, character and concepts with bite and power. Solid cast, great direction, worthy script and strong tension play all together in this must see film, even if you liked the first Wolf Creek you will find gold in this thrill ride.

Directed By

Damien Power


Damien Power


Harriet Dyer
Aaron Glenane
Aaron Pederson
Ian Meadows


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