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Releasing date :

  • Friday, July 21, 2017  (released now)

Production Details

  • Distributors (U.S release) : Universal Pictures are the distributors of this movie.
  • Production Companies : Will Packer Productions is production company of this movie .

Production history (AS OF JUNE 19, 2017)

  • Pre-Production : As of February 2014
  • Pre–Production : As of May 2016 ,
    Regina Hall on-board to star; Universal has 2017 release date set.
  • Production : As of November 2016
  • Post-Production : As of March 2016
  • Completed : As of June 2017


Girls trip is an amazing movie. This movie has been directed by Malcolm D. Lee. The reason behind highlighting the movie as amazing is because of the cast. The cast consisting of Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith,Tiffany Haddish.

Girls trip is a complete comedy movie with lots and lots of chuckle and curiosity.

It is a movie in which squad consisting of four girls who are strongly bonded go to New Orleans for the yearly Essence Festival. And there they encountered almost all the phases of friendship either it is a high time or a really bad phase.

All Deep bonds are revived, some of hidden wild sides are rediscovered, and there is a proper entertainment with a little melodrama plus cat fights and romance all over  in the movie which makes  it a good decision or choice to be watched.


Childhood closest friends, Naomi and Gretchen are on a fun street trip before Gretchen moves in with John, who is likewise Naomi’s ex. Naomi feels sold out and left behind, and Gretchen is irritated with Naomi since she’s so sullen. The young ladies stop for a brew as sunsets in a shady town along the Sacramento Delta where they meet a fizzled hit man, a barkeep who wouldn’t li ke to serve them, and two charming residential area washouts. Naomi and Gretchen get isolated and wind up in their own blood and guts movies. In the end Naomi discovers Gretchen and everybody takes in the most difficult way possible never to get amidst a catfight. The young ladies make up and Gretchen’s life design proceeds on plan, however not before her disloyalty makes up for lost time to her and Naomi at long last gets her vengeance.


  • Malcolm D. Lee


  • Kenya Barris
    Tracy Oliver

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