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English subtitles First Kill Download

Releasing date :

  • Friday, July 21, 2017 Limited (released now)


First kill  is a mind blowing movie. This movie has been directed by Steven C. Miller. The reason behind highlighting the movie as totally mind blowing is because of it’s cast. The cast includes Hayden Christensen, Bruce Willis, Gethin Anthony,Megan Leonard

This movie that is “first kill” is a complete pack of thriller with lots and lots of action, entertainment and curiosity.

It is a movie in which in the urge to reconnect with his son Danny (Ty Shelton), big shot Wall Street broker Will (Hayden Christensen)plans to take his family on a trip which turned out as a thrilling one to the house where he grew up. While out tracking with Danny, the trip takes a horrible deadly turn when they discover a few burglars and witness the murder of one of the offenders. In the wake of getting to be noticeably trapped in a bank heist turned sour that outcomes in the grabbing of Danny, Will is compelled to enable the criminals to dodge the police boss (Bruce Willis) and recoup the stolen plunder in return for his child’s life


Lionsgate Premiere


Steven C. Miller


Nick Gordon


Hayden Christensen
Bruce Willis
Gethin Anthony
Megan Leonard
Tyler Jon Olson
Shea Buckner


Lionsgate Premiere

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