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500 years movie subtitles srt download
500 years movie subtitles srt download

English Subtitles 500 Years Download

So let’s begin, the movie 500 Years is a documentary directed by Pamela Yates, which is released in the European continent in Spanish. This movie takes the viewers back in the era where the cruel genocide happened to overthrow a president. This happened in the recent history of Guatemala a Spanish city which is also known as lonely planet these day. The Maya civilization stood poised to reimagine their society. The epic story of 500 years documents the story which led Guatemala to a point in their history from the genocide trail of General Rios Mont to the popular movement that toppled president Otto Perez Molina. The people of Guatemala are also no stranger to oppression, the recent events that took place over a span of three years, now change finally seems possible when their movement is met with popular society’s outcry to end corruption. This movie shoes the urge of the society to change. Various perspectives of people of Maya civilization are put together and shown. The movie was released in the early 2017.


IMDB rating : 6.5 / 10 

500 years Transcripts Free Download

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