English Subtitles Wonder Woman Download | Wonder Woman SRT subs and transcripts FREE

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English Subtitles Wonder Woman Download

English Subtitles Wonder Woman Download   – DOWNLOAD HERE

Diana was born and raised on the hidden island of Themyscira which was a home to the Amazon race of warrior women created by the gods to protect human against the corruption of Ares, the god of war. Diana believes the sword to be a ceremonial sword, which Zeus has left with the amazon warriors and is capable of killing the GodKiller. Diana’s mother and the queen of amazon trains Diana as a warrior. Diana saves the captain and the pilot from the plane crash and later a German sailor saves Diana from bullet attack. Diana leaves Themyscira with steve to destroy Ares. Diana reads the notes and reveals the Germans plan to release deadly gas at the warfront. Diana enters the enemy line and prevents the gas from releasing. Later Diana makes arrangements to fight the Germans and liberate a village. Then Diana and Steve come closer to each other and spend night together. Later on follows how Diana and Steve together fight and Steve dies in the battle and with the death of Steve Diana realizes few facts about humans. Later on Diana is again set for the mission to protect mankind and work for humans.


Jacob Tremblay           …Auggie Pullman

Julia Roberts   Julia Roberts   …Isabel Pullman

Daveed Diggs  Daveed Diggs  …Mr. Browne

Owen Wilson   Owen Wilson   ..Nate Pullman

Mandy Patinkin           Mandy Patinkin           …Mr. Tushman

Directed By: Patty Jenkins
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, War

Duration: 141 min

Wonder Woman SRT subs and transcripts FREE Download

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English Subtitles Wonder Woman Download


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